The meeting of the best team in the history of LoL: G2 Esports of 2019

Being a fan of electronic sports, whatever the esport it is, is complicated. You suffer a lot if you like a team, even more if you are a fan of a specific organization and I won’t tell you anything if you fall in love with a roster or template at any given time.

It happened to me years ago with the iconic Moscow 5 from League of Legends, or xPeke’s Fnatic, even the odd one. roster of games like Rocket League or CS:GO, as would happen to many with the Best team in European LoL history.

This quintet made a historic year in 2019, winning the MSI for Europe for the first time in history and making us all dream in Vistalegre, Madrid, with an unforgettable semifinal against Faker’s SKT.

How pretty you were yesterday, Vistalegre

You may have guessed it already, but we are talking about the G2 Esports that marked a golden age in Europe and the world: two consecutive LECs, the MSI 2019 and a Worlds runner-up after falling 0-3 against an FPX that broke all our dreams.

What would have happened to G2 Esports and the LEC if they had won that World Cup? Many of us ask ourselves that now we suffer double seeing a video that G2 has taken in recent days in the LEC. Notice to nostalgics: it hurts much.

The organization has assembled its best quintet in history: wunder on the toplane, jankos in the jungle, caps in the middle and Perkz with mikyx on the bot lanea magical group of gamers and stars.

Now they have all met again in the LEC, although each one in a different team: Wunder in fnatic, Jankos in Team HereticsPerkz in Vitality, while caps is still with the smaurai along with Mikyx, who returned this year to G2 Esports.

It hurts not only to see the 5 together laughing and joking, but to see how the years go by and reflect on how much these guys will have left competing in the elite, because when they retire they will say goodbye to an incomparable career.

The magical G2 of 2019: together again

Be that as it may, it has been very nice to see the 5 united again for the same competition, and who knows what would have happened to them if they had achieved the 2nd LoL world championship for Europe.

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