The MOBA for mobiles with anime characters like Goku, Tanjiro that will hit it big in China but will not reach Europe

In China they are going to launch a game in the purest League of Legends style but starring famous characters from the world of anime

When two things that move so many people come together, only something good can happen. Well, not always, but at least it’s worth seeing. And of course, games like League of Legends they move a lot of people and the world of anime moves even more millions of people around the world, so it is clear that if these two things are put together, there can only be a game that will surely be a real hit even being mediocre.

Some will wonder if that will ever exist, but you have already read in the headline that, indeed, it already exists. Now, is the game really good, and more importantly, is it coming to Europe? Well, the second of those questions is 99% negative, while the answer to the first one is going to be judged for yourselves when you see this fusion of League of Legends with anime that will surely freak you out.

The League of Legends that every good anime fan would want

has been the user of Twitter nasdorachi who has shared his discovery along with a video that proves it, and it is absolutely amazing:

  • There is no catch; based, is a League of Legends but with famous anime characters ❗️
  • His name is Codename Jump ✍️
  • They are going to launch it in China, but most likely it won’t make it to Europe ❌
  • Is about a mobile game 📱
  • It features iconic anime characters such as:
    • Characters of dragonball, just like Goku, Frieza and more
    • Characters of Kimetsu no Yaiba as is Tanjiro himself
    • Or is there even bleach anime characters
  • I leave you a video below so you can see how it is:

Is this game really good?

Well honestly, I do not know for sure since I have never played League of Legends and I am not able to compare. Based on what I have read, it seems that the game is not that great and its strong point is actually the fan-service for containing many famous anime characters. Even so, I’ve also seen people say that it’s fun to see the abilities that each character has and stuff. Maybe if he asks a lot, he’ll end up coming to Europe, who knows!

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