The National Police detains a primary school teacher for sexually assaulting two students

National Police agents have arrested a man on suspicion of sexually assaulting two minors. The arrested man was currently working as a teacher in a town in Malaga where he was intercepted by the agents. The investigations began the day before his arrest following a complaint filed by the parents of a child who had been the victim of sexual assault between 2015 and 2018. The minor had not recounted what had happened until just over two months ago. out of fear, since the now detainee threatened to hurt his little sister if he told anything

With the data provided, it was possible to identify the alleged perpetrator, who was then working as a dining room monitor at a school in Estepona. Given the seriousness of the events, an urgent procedure was established that concluded with his arrest in less than 24 hours, when he was leaving the educational center where he currently worked. Likewise, his address was searched in search of effects related to the crimes investigated, a registry in which several computer and telephone terminals pending analysis were intervened.

Subsequent inquiries have made it possible to locate another victim, a student at the same educational center, who would have been touched in 2018, a stage in which she worked as a dining room monitor. So they did not file a complaint for what happened, but they recognized the now detainee as the alleged perpetrator.

Investigators do not rule out that there are new victims. The detainee has entered prison by court order.

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