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Riot Games has officially presented the new map of Valorant. Is about Lotusa scenario that will be officially incorporated into the video game the next day January 10 on the occasion of the premiere of Chapter 6. A novelty that after a period of tests and adjustments will be incorporated into the competitive rotation. It is still too early to tell if it will be successful. However, one should not risk one bit to say that the proposal promises. It does so from an artistic point of view, showing a setting that is much more marked by nature than the rest of the settings and also in terms of gameplay.

This is Lotus, the new Valorant map

On a visual level, a single image makes it clear. We are in an ancient structure abandoned to its fate and reconquered by nature. A vegetation that has been exposed to the action of radianite combining destruction with a precious overgrowth. It could be the main discovery in any film of Indiana Jones and this is not a coincidence, since the developers have confirmed that this was one of their great inspirations. There are other surprises as well, and of course, very specifically placed content for lore hunters to rub their hands together.

Top View Valorant Map

Any approximation is valid, although ours was always more playable. The new Valorant map features a very interesting layout that hasn’t been used since the game launched. Lotus has three different zones in which to plant the Spike. A defensive setback that is offset by a fast rotation that promises to offer the possibility of carrying out great retakes that can always take place from at least three different inputs. In this sense, the distribution is similar to Haven’s.

The goal of the developers is for the stage to be very flexible and offer a lot of movement for both teams. For that, several very interesting mechanics have been introduced. There are revolving doors located at key points on the map and destructible walls that can change the course of the round. In this sense, we can expect that the games require a little more tactics than in Pearl. It’s not that we didn’t like the map in Portugal, because it always feels good to have a variety of styles. Precisely for this reason we appreciate this contrast.

Revolving Gate And Destructible Wall Valorant

On the right, the revolving door. On the left, a destructibel wall

Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is hoped that Riot Games will add a new normal game game mode where Lotus is the only map available. Thus, after a couple of weeks it would be added to the competitive rotation in qualifying games. It remains up in the air when he will debut on the competitive scene. Although the big intercontinental leagues organized by Riot Games will still take time to start, some regional or national tournaments started even before its launch.

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