The North Regional League and South Regional League of LVP arrive

The competitive world of League of Legends in Latam will have changes in the coming months and LVP presented the name of its two new competitions that will revolutionize the competitive scene: Regional League North and Regional League South.

In search of achieving a better performance among the teams formed in the second division, the developer company of LoL, Riot Gamessupported by LVP, will bring together the best teams in two major competitions, developed by LVP and with the official status of Riot Games, which will begin on May 11 in the South and on May 13 in the North.

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“We are very pleased to take this important step in the competitive League of Legends in Latin America. The time is right to bring the best of our national leagues to two regional competitions, which will continue to be officially run by Riot Games, and with which we will deliver more exciting and higher-quality competition that will benefit the entire community,” he says. Jordi SolerCEO of LVP.

What is the new competitive ecosystem of League of Legends?

Both the North Regional League and the South Regional League will be composed of 10 organizations each. Being so, the Regional League North (#LRN), TIGO Elements League (Central America and the Caribbean), Fibra Movistar Golden League (Colombia), Volcano Discover League (Ecuador) and six teams that are already being selected through applications.

On the other hand, in the Regional League South (#LRS) The champions of the Stars League (Peru), Liga Master Flow (Argentina), Liga de Honor Burger King (Chile) and seven organizations chosen through applications will participate.

How can they reach the highest category of the scene, LLA?

Now after the end of each season, the champions of the North Regional League and the South Regional League will face each other to find out who will be the team that will fight for the spot in the biggest League of Legends competition on the continent, the ALL.

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The objective of the Regional Leagues is to improve the competitive level of the region, give greater stability to the ecosystem for brands and fans, generate new stories between teams and communities and, ultimately, weave a more solid and enduring sector over time.

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