The number of CS:GO players is approaching pandemic figures

There are titles that age like good wine and Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a clear example. The shooter of Valve add your sixth consecutive month surpassing its peak with one million players after a fantastic January. The results are so good, almost 1.2M, that this first month of 2023 has the best record since April 2020, a period marked by the pandemic in which almost all video games marked their best figures. Despite not having an operation or any big event during these days, CS:GO It has had an average of more than 700,000 players.

In April 2020 CS:GO recorded a peak of 1,305,714 players and an average of close to 900,000 simultaneous users, figures that were achieved “thanks” to the coronavirus pandemic. With everyone locked up at home, people returned to enjoy historic games and the shooter of Valve was one of them. The following months also had good data until the bans were lifted already in summer. all this time CS:GO It has been maintaining and meeting winter/summer expectationssomething that has also been fulfilled at the end of 2022 and January of this new year.

CS:GO begins 2023 with an average of 721,708 players

Even though this year We have not had an operation or a major update, since August 2022 the acclaimed title has not dropped below a million player peak. During all these months CS:GO It has had great attractions such as the tenth anniversary, the Major of Brazil, the entrance of Anubis and the nerfed to the M4A1-S, changes that could have had an impact on the figures. However, this first month of 2023 has recorded data close to that of a pandemic. The month is not over yet, but CS:GO can boast of having a peak of 1,199,684 players and an average of over 700,000 users, 14.68% than the previous month.

Today, CSGO has reached 1.2m player peak – the highest peak since April 2020 from GlobalOffensive

The game they always want to kill is more alive than ever. The absence of large tournaments has caused players to have to grab the mouse to remove their competition overalls and, if we analyze other years, there are still positive months for the video game. Summer is almost always the weakest period and we have not yet finished January, so the data has room for improvement, something that seemed impossible after having overcome the COVID era.

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