the perfect mix of Unreal and Roblox

Despite what we might assume from a GDC for that of being at the forefront of technology, the great revolution that it proposes to us Fortnite it has little to do with graphics power. Without eating it or drinking it, Fortnite is now Roblox, and that’s excellent news.

What is presented by epic with the editor of Unreal Engine and Creative Fortnite 2.0 is the latest somersault that the democratization of video game development has taken.

Seeing what happened to Robloxhaving the opportunity to create our own levels, and even games that have little or nothing to do with the conception we have of Fortnite To date, it is clearly one of the most exciting things that the new generation has given us so far.

Creative Fortnite 2.0, much more than an editor

After testing the three levels that epic has released to date, and bugging a bit among what the community has already been able to create in the beta, I think it is fair to say that the revolution is not yet on the table, it is still in the oven and still has a good season to go. finish exploding

The game is still too similar to Fortnite enough to be able to appreciate the leap that is coming, but in any case, it is enough to take a look at the conference and tinker a bit with the editor to understand to what extent this can change the rules of the game.

That the community and players have within their reach the possibility of landing with more or less success, and with greater or lesser difficulty -we’ll talk about that later-, the ideas they have in their heads, is to open the doors to a mountain of content that may well convert to Fortnite in the next great leap of a potential that other proposals such as LittleBigPlanet or Dreams have already taken it upon themselves to demonstrate.

The closest example is that of Roblox. Tim Sweeney himself recognized at the conference that the 70 million monthly users of Fortnite pale in comparison to the 250 million it has Roblox. With the right tools and the right push, it’s easy to envision a future in which the tables are turned. They’re going for that cake, and they’re going with everything.

An exciting panorama

Best of all, both are already there. Unreal Engine 5 It is the burning nail that we continue to hold on to with hope in this new generation that, now, seems to be starting to take off, so having a horizon in which to be able to mount something blank there with relative ease is not unreasonable.

It is far from being a simple level editor as it was Fortnite Creative to date, and here aspects such as programming come into play that will be key when it comes to going one step further in creations, but with the right carrot anyone is capable of cheering up, and that play is more than internalized in Epic .

40% of the profits from Fortnite they will be intended to reward the creators for the experiences made available to the community, and if that is not warming up to anyone with a little ambition and knowledge of how a tool like Unity either unrealMay God come down and see it.

It remains to be seen to what extent the content creators and their millionaire audiences can, in a certain sense, engulf that market of Fortnite, but it is no less true that good ideas are always capable of ending up appearing, and if indies and double A have managed to stay and succeed among mammoth triple A developments, experiencing a similar situation here does not seem unreasonable. The industry gives us too many reasons to get excited lately, but this, without a doubt, is one of them.

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