The peso devalues ​​but ‘like nothing’ against the dollar; Closed at 17.21, almost the same as the previous day – El Financiero

The Mexican peso had a volatile day, because although it advanced against the dollar for most of the day, this Thursday it closed with a slight decline at the end of the day, due to the fact that the appetite for risk assets decreased. Exchange market is done…

This occurred when economic data relevant to the United States, as well as monetary policy decisions, were assimilated, Such as the European Central Bank (ECB).

The Mexican currency slowed its gains against the dollar as the exchange rate gained just 0.01 percent, or 0.23 cents, after settling at 17.2105 pesos per greenback, data reported by the Bank of Mexico (Banexico) showed. There has been a decline. Till its final closing data. However, throughout the day it reached a minimum of 17.1697 and a maximum of 17.2689 units.

dollar index (dxy), which is responsible for measuring the strength of the US currency against a basket made of six developed countries, registered a rise of 0.32 percent and stood at 103.57 units.

In the same way, bloomberg dollar index (BBDXY), rose 0.14 percent after reaching 1,238.07 int.

Whereas, Green tickets at bank windows cost 17.62 pesos According to Citibanamex data, each.

Which currencies depreciated against the dollar?

One of the most depreciated currencies of the session Indonesian Rupee With 0.73 percent, Colombian peso 0.61 percent, Bulgarian lev 0.46 percent, Romanian lei 0.43 percent, Philippine peso 0.41 percent, Russian ruble 0.38 percent, polish zloty 0.37 percent to name a few.

in the money market, 10 year bond yield For the United States it is 4.14 percent, while in Mexico the 10-year bond remains at the level of 9.60 percent.

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