The Pokémon Company will release the Pokémon Sleep game this year.

A screenshot from the trailer for the Pokémon Sleep video game.

Screenshot: The Pokemon Company / YouTube

You probably don’t remember this, but in 2019 The Pokémon Company announced that it was working on a new game called Pokémon Sleep. initially herethe mobile game was supposed to be released in 2020, but it was delayed… a couple of years. The company has finally just shown a trailer and yes, it is played while sleeping.

sleep was the last frontier that was free of digital contamination except for the sleep quantifiers, and that is precisely what this is about. Pokémon Sleep invites us to leave the mobile next to our pillow, something that we already do anyway because of being able to deactivate the alarm. The thing is, while we sleep, Pokémon Sleep records our sleep patterns, analyzes them, and classifies them into three types. Depending on the time we spend in each phase, I will attractWe bring different types of Pokémon to our base, which is, fittingly enough, a Snorlax.

The creators of pokemon Sleep once explained that the app is just a way to promote healthy sleep and give a fun reason to look at your phone every morning. Below we offer you the official trailer of the game, as well as a brief video on how it works. The Pokémon Company does not explain at any time what technology it uses to record sleep from the table, but there will be a quantifying device compatible called Pokémon Go Plus+ (with two pluses). More on that a bit below.

Rest your very best! | Pokémon Sleep

Video Introduction | Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep It will be available for operating systems iOS and Android, and it will be available sometime this summer. As we pointed out above, The Pokémon Company has taken the opportunity to present The Pokémon Go Plus +. This pokeball-shaped disc is left on the bed to help track sleep patterns. During the day, of course, the Pokémon Go Plus+ is used to interact with Pokémon Go and capture new Pokémon, among other functions. This is your presentation video.

Video Introduction | Pokemon GO Plus+

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