The possibilities of Fortnite Creative 2.0 are endless, but people lose their minds for playing the original game with this map – Fortnite

A group of creators have fulfilled the community’s dream by returning Fortnite to its original map.

The introduction of Creative 2.0 promises to be the real revolution that Fortnite neededto survive indefinitely. A blank canvas that allows creators to run entire games using the battle royale of Epic Games. There is little doubt that it will have amazing features once the creators learn to master it, and in fact, the developers have already shown some wonder. However, the first thing many players have wanted to do is fulfill a wish that had been denied them for years.

The original island returns to Fortnite thanks to Creative 2.0

A group of creators has organized to bring back the original map of the video game. The same scenario that drove the community crazy and that practically any fan of video games explored at least once. A returned after 2,000 days that has driven the community crazy. Although this scenario has only been active for a few hours, some Fortnite content creators efforts have already been made to promote it and we have very little doubt that will become a true viral phenomenon over the next few days.

Almost everything is as it was six years ago, when the game was just beginning its journey. In addition to recreating all the scenarios available at the time, the selection of weapons and other items is also identical to that of Chapter 1 Season 3. At the moment, everything is said, the replica is not as polished as its developers would like because they exceeded the memory limit that you can occupy each of the islands in this Creative 2.0. However, they are already working on optimizing it so that everything works perfectly.

“We wanted to release a perfect 1:1 copied version of the island, but we had memory problems,” explained the developers. This situation forced them to remove a quarter of the content they had planned. However, an update is coming soon to start expanding this map and give it some more content. “Please understand that we have an entire team that has been actively working for almost 24 hours straight to try to make this the best possible experience for everyone after these unforeseen publishing circumstances,” the creators noted.

How to play the original Fortnite map, code and more

All we must do to play the original map of Fortnite is write the code and connect to it, starting after a public or private game This is the existing scenario in Season 3 of Chapter 1, although with certain areas cut out as we have mentioned. Additionally, it is limited to a total of 50 players and no ‘loot’ appears on the ground. Beyond that, we can find exactly the experience of 2017.

  • Code to play the original Fortnite map: 2179-7822-3395

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