The regional government invests 18 million euros in the Señorío de Molina de Aragón region

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has invested 18 million euros in the region of the Molina de Aragón manor in the province of Guadalajara.

The regional president, Emiliano García-Page, has inaugurated -together with the Minister of Public Works, Nacho Hernando, and the mayors of Zaorejas and Corduente, José Miguel Sánchez and Juan Carlos Muñoz, respectively- the rehabilitation of the CM-2015 highway between Zaorejas and Corduente, in the surroundings of the Alto Tajo Natural Park. The act was also attended by the president of the regional courts, Pablo Bellido; the president of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara, José Luis Vega; the delegate of the Board in Guadalajara, Eusebio Robles; the delegate of the Board in Molina de Aragón, José Antonio Herranz; the general director of Highways, David Merino; and the provincial delegate of Fomento in Guadalajara, Teodoro Baldominos.

Nacho Hernando has highlighted this investment in the Señorío de Molina area, assuring that it is being done “in one of the areas where there are less than 2.5 inhabitants per square kilometer”, that is, “where depopulation is most serious, we are acting with special emphasis”, he remarked.

Likewise, the person in charge of Development has highlighted that “this investment allows the residents of this area to be well communicated and that this also supposes a revulsive tourist” and has added that “these 18 million euros invested in the region of Molina de Aragón are practically half of what we have invested in the entire province of Guadalajara since Page is president, which now amounts to 38 million euros”.

Rehabilitation of the CM-2015 between Zaorejas and Corduente

The rehabilitation that the regional government has carried out on the CM-2015 between Zaorejas and Corduente has involved an investment of more than three million euros in a total of 30.5 kilometers.

The CM-2015 highway begins at the intersection with the N-320 highway in Alcocer and ends at the intersection with the N-211 highway in Rillo de Gallo, with a total length of 94.1 kilometers. The action has consisted of renewing the road surface, thus achieving an improvement in the road safety of the road, which has an average traffic of 218 vehicles per day with 19.19 percent being heavy.

Most of the section that has been rehabilitated runs through the interior of the Alto Taj Natural Park, which is why it has been necessary to respect the environmental and landscape values ​​of the surroundings as much as possible and have been coordinated with the Park Management.

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