The Rubius Rewind that takes us to better times

In a few days we have gone from Rewind Hispanic 2022 to another compilation that has united a large part of the Spanish-speaking community. In this case, the video collects The best moments that El Rubius has starred in over the last eleven years. A direct blow to nostalgia that makes us wonder when so much time has passed. skyrim, Papadopoulos, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Pokémon and, above all, the Mangelare some of the secondary actors that have made us travel for thirty minutes to better times.

«For the old, for the new, for those who are still there and for those who left. One of the most beautiful audiovisual pieces on my channel. More than 1 year to finish it”, highlights the rubius in the presentation of the nostalgic video. With adrilik editing and Claudio Serrano to the microphone, the famous streamer stars in an audiovisual piece of his last eleven years both in Youtube like in twitch. How could it be otherwise, this compilation begins in skyrim and the famous «flechipollas» and the mammoth horn, moments that have haunted Rubén for a long time. Although one of the great moments was the face reveal, very rudimentary moment if we compare it with the current ones.

the nostalgic Rewind of the Rubius

The video is gradually reviewing its great escalations both in subscribers and in views, figures that were increasing thanks to its videos of GTA, Battlefield, Minecraft, Chatroulette and different scary titles. Not to forget the historic video of the chickens inside Call of Duty. However, the most emotional thing comes in the part in which they meet Rubius and Mangel, a story of friendship that left us great moments, videos and challenges. Face-to-face events, trips, tomorrowland and experiences with other great youtubers Spaniards who are the history of the platform and of an entire generation.

Eleven years is a long time, but after watching this video it seems that everything happened a few days ago. As the piece progresses, you are surprised that so much time has passed and that you still remember perfectly some historical moments. Rubius is one of the great representatives of our community, a character that marked a generation and that it still does. In those days marked by the school or institute, a notification on his channel was great news for many young people, whether they were in a good or bad moment. This video takes us back to those times and makes us savor the fun moments we spent in front of a screen watching Rubén.

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