The Simpsons admits that Lady Gaga episode is one of the worst

With over 700 episodes, it’s hard to define which is the best, or the worst, episode of The Simpsons. However, the animated series itself recognizes that the episode with Lady Gaga is one of the worst.

Season 34’s 16th episode, Hostile Kirk Place pokes fun at the show’s history in a rather sly way.

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A conflict between Kirk Van Houten and Gloria Prince was used to bring attention to Springfield’s darkest days. One such event was revealed to be Lady Gaga’s visit to town in Season 23, Episode 22, “Lisa Goes Gaga,” which is still considered one of the show’s most disappointing episodes.

Hostile Kirk Place focused on Kirk’s attempts to avoid teaching the “boring” parts of Springfield’s history, which would highlight the flaws of his ancestors specifically.

Positioned against him was the Prince family, who spoke out on the importance of remembering history and feeling a level of shame for it.

Martin’s mother, Gloria, specifically cited “Springfield’s darkest days” during the episode, directly referencing the Springfield Monorail and Lady Gaga.

Springfield’s Low Points

The reference to the monorail is from Marge v. the Monorail, from season 4, written by Conan O’Brien, in which Springfield was scammed by a con man trying to spend $3 million on a faulty monorail.

This event makes sense as a “dark day” in the city’s history because it is a painful reminder of its naivety and could have cost countless lives if not for Homer Simpson’s fortunate intervention.

But the other event Gloria mentions wasn’t necessarily a problem for Springfield — instead, it was an infamous day for the show as a whole.

While Marge vs. the Monorail is often touted as one of the best episodes of The Simpsons, Lisa Goes Gaga is considered a low point for the series. As she made her way through town, Lady Gaga took it upon herself to cheer up the mournful citizens of Springfield – but found it a particularly difficult challenge to lift Lisa’s spirits, as Bart’s latest actions had turned the entire school against her sister.

While Gaga was praised by the series’ producers and critics as a talented comedic actress, the episode had a frustrating premise and ended in a cruel ending in which Moe was hit by a train. The episode was criticized by fans on sites such as IMDb.

In Brazil, The Simpsons is available in the Star+ catalogue.

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