The strange evolution of the personality of a new AI streamer

What the internet can offer us no longer surprises anyone. Or so we often think. And it is that there are occasions when certain elements appear that, whatever happens, end up going viral. And a few hours ago Anuch took it upon himself to introduce us to a streamer a bit different that has gone around the world. The reason? It is an artificial intelligence.

Yes, as you have read, we are not facing a content creator to use. rather she is an artificial intelligence that is evolving and developing its own personality while on air. Not only that, but this AI is able to play live to titles of the caliber of Minecraft and, of course, interact with the chatsomething that any streamer he does during his live shows.

The dangerous evolution of AI streamer

Although everything seemed to be in order, little by little his personality has evolved to points that no one would want to reach. This AI streamer has begun to take a path in which his intelligence has become, at least homophobic. Not only that, but is beginning to develop a black humor that completely changes the initial plans of this project.

Of course, everyone is intrigued to see how the evolution of this artificial intelligence continues. It is not clear to us which path it will take and if they will be able to solve this behavior ahead of time or, on the contrary, it will follow this same path.

What is clear to us is that over the years we come across different details that can completely change the landscape of content creation. Will artificial intelligences start to take over the world of streamers Or, on the contrary, are we facing a specific moment in history?

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