The third season of the Esports City League kicks off

Esports City League, the most important circuit of amateur esports competitions linked to DreamHack Spain, and which operates in Spain and Andorra, has started the qualifying phase for its third season. The search for the best players from the 16 cities that will compete in well-known titles such as Fortnite, Clash Royale, Marvel Snap and Rocket League has begun. More than 8,000 players are expected to compete to reach the well-known finals of the Esports City League stage at DreamHack Valencia.

The competitions in each of the titles will have this structure:

  • Fortnite: Four tournaments divided into two phases. The first will be an open tournament, in which the top 100 players will qualify. They will compete in phase two to get as many points as possible. The competition format will be the same in all four tournaments. The last tournament will coincide with DreamHack Valencia, where the winner of the competition will be known live at the festival itself.
  • Rocket League: The season will be divided into a qualifying phase and a regular phase. The qualifiers consist of three stops in which the registered teams will compete among themselves and according to their score they will have a series of points. At the end of these three stops, the 12 teams with the highest score will qualify for the regular phase. The league phase will feature four stops in which the qualified teams will compete against each other. At the end of these stops, the two teams with the highest score will play the Esports City League final in person at DreamHack Valencia.
  • clash royale: In the qualifying phase there will be three Swiss tournaments of 5 rounds each, in which the Top 4 will automatically qualify for the season. The regular phase will have three stops in which the players will play a five-round Swiss tournament in a duel format. Points will be added based on your final position in each of them. The Top 6 at the time the regular season ends will qualify for the face-to-face finals that will take place at DreamHack Valencia.
  • Marvel Snap: 3 stops will be played during the competition of this game. Each stop consists of a 5-round Swiss Tournament in a “friendly battle” format where players will score points according to their final position in each of them. Players ranked in the Top 4 at the end of the Marvel Snap regular season will qualify for the DreamHack Valencia Live Finals. The Top 4 will play a simple bracket in person at DreamHack, the matches will be decided via seeding of the Regular Phase and the players will be notified prior to the event, of the guidelines to follow.

This season Andorra has joined as the official headquarters of the Esports City League, thus becoming the first international headquarters of the league. The winners of the Andorra league will represent the country in the DreamHack Valencia finals, competing against the players representing the other Spanish cities. In addition, the Principality will celebrate the Esports City Fest Andorraan international event open to the public that will take place at the Andorra Sports Center on May 20 and 21.

Among the novelties of this season 3, it stands out that, although the teams continue to represent a specific city, they only one of the team members must have been born or reside in the city they represent. For example, if a team has three members and they represent Madrid, it may be the case that two of the members are from Malaga and the third is from Madrid or resides in the city. This novelty has been implemented in order to facilitate the registration process for tournaments and the formation of teams. In addition, the league has a new platform to facilitate the interaction between the competition administrator and the players, in such a way that the resolution of possible inconveniences when playing is much more agile and effective. Also communication between administrators and players has improved thanks to the many communication channels available to them (Discord, mail, networks, etc.). On the other hand, Esports City League has renowned ambassadors, such as Bekaesh, a renowned Spanish freestyler, and content creators DualView, Revol Aimar, Sujagg and Elesky.

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