The three most anticipated nerfs of LoL patch 13.3

Hours ago, Riot Games offered a preview of the League of Legends 13.3 patch notes (LOL). This time we find many changes, especially in relation to the supports more tanks in the game. Yes, that Enlist, Braum either Thresh that have been out of the metagame for so long. Of course, these are not going to be the only big changes that we find in the game.

As revealed by the developer, three characters will receive nerfs more than deserved. One of them, K’Santehas completely dominated the Only Q since it landed in the game. Not only that, but in the competitive landscape it is also being pick either ban instant. To him they add so much Zack What amumu and other champions that have not yet been revealed.

More than interesting changes are coming to LoL patch 13.3

Away from the nerfs to these three champions, Riot also plans to apply nerfs about those junglers who are currently engaged in gank to their lanes in the early game. Basically we could find nerfs focused directly on an Elise who has been vital in the games of Only Q.

«We are looking at the power of diving junglers and the rewards for ganking instead of farming. There are more things to solve in the jungle, but for now we want to focus on those champions who are dedicated to ganking in the early levels, especially in the botlane«, stand out from Riot Games. This means that Riot will seek to reward all those champions who during the first levels are dedicated to farm his jungler instead of looking for the early action.

To this we add those changes on Zac and Amumu, two champions who are always looking for action. Although in competitive they are not elections to use, in Only Q yes we see them more often. So, we can check that Amumu adds a win rate 53.71%, while Zac reaches 52.39%. Will Riot Games achieve their goals or will these champions continue to dominate the meta?

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