The two-time LoL champion who is a fan of Team BDS

Wolf fan of Team BDS LoL

It is not at all surprising that the League of Legends competitive attract new viewers each season. Year after year the followers expand and even cross the barriers of their region to follow competitions from another continent. This is the case of Lee Jae-wan”Wolf«, former support of SK Telecom T1 and two-time champion of the worlds of LOL, who is following the European competition very closely. Wolf has become a great spectator of the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) from streamingwhere the Korean has surprised everyone being a big fan of Team BDS.

It has been a pleasant surprise to have a figure like Wolf closely following the LEC. Although the most impressive piece of information about this was that the former Korean player has Team BDS as your favorite team. From his Twitch channel, Wolf has been strongly dedicated to encouraging the Swiss organization, which curiously has had a dream weekend. The two-time champion of worlds (2015 and 2016) and M: YES with SK Telecom T1 (2016 and 2017) has opted to support Team BDS like a classic hooligan European, due in large part to his fanaticism for Adam tomorrow.

The strange fanaticism of a LoL legend by Team BDS

The LEC is one of the leagues with the most fans in the League of Legends and the division thereof is quite large. Yes ok fnatic Y G2 Esports historically they have been the ones more fans have accumulated, emerging organizations have gained some ground. The bichampionship of mad lions brought with it a lot of fans, just like Rogue since last year and its union with koi. Although in recent seasons some organizations have stood out, others have lagged a little behind in the number of fans. Yes ok Team BDS is one of the latter, in recent days they have added to a very eccentric fan.

Team BDS has received multiple support from Wolf, an old Korean legend after his time as support for SK Telecom T1. The player with a great record has been dedicated to creating content for a few years, especially regarding the monitoring of LoL competitions. In his look at the LEC, Wolf has chosen to defend with shield and sword the colors of Team BDS. This surprising fanaticism does not have many explanations, simply the Korean support has empathized a lot with the playing style of the European team.

Although if there is something that has delighted a lot Wolfas well as many other fans, adam’s game. The exotic range of champions he wields Adam has been an obvious draw for some fans, Wolf among them. The toplaner The Frenchman has excelled in rare champions in competitions, such as Darius Y Olaf. These fun champions added to the naturally aggressive of Adam have captivated the attention of many viewers.

Team BDS is in a four-way tie for second in the LEC. The team has a global of 4-2 and is in a great position to advance to the group stage at Bo3 of the LEC. In addition to having a good level, this season BDS has the support of Wolfwho among other things He has said he believes that the team will be TOP 4 in this divided of winter.

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