The UCM and the UPM participate in the most important international ‘eSports’ competition in the university environment

The first stages of the 7to edition of Amazon University Esports Masters (AUEM) are already underway, with the participation of more than 680 university students representing 21 countrieswho seek to win the title of European Champion. The 2023 edition of the competition brings with it multiple novelties, and sets a record in terms of players and participating countries, with a total prize pool of €20,000.

The competition started last March 4 with the first qualifying stages, and will end in a In-person Grand Finale in the month of July, in a location that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Amazon University Esports Masters is the annual university continental competition in which students represent their country in both individual and collective games. Each year, any student can represent their educational center in their respective National ChampionshipLooking for a place for Amazon University Esports Masters.

Five Spanish universities will participate in this edition of the competition, seeking to be crowned European Champions: the UCAMthe universities complutense and Polytechnic of Madrid, the University of Granada, and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

A renewed edition

This edition brings with it multiple novelties, aimed at improving the competitive experience for both the participants and the fans and spectators. Most notable is the inclusion of VALORANT among the titles that will be played. the shooter of Riot Games It adds to the four games that the competition already had: League of Legends, Rocket League, clash royale and Teamfight Tactics.

Another of the changes of the year is that the teams from the region of ORE (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco) will participate together with those of Europe in Rocket League and Teamfight Tacticscombining two regions for the first time in the competition’s history.

In addition, unlike previous seasons, in which there were only face-to-face finals of League of Legendsthis year there will also be VALORANTwith the possibility that more titles will also be added to this format.

Amazon University Esports Masters It has had significant growth since its inception. The competition started in 2016 with only five teamsrepresenting five countries (Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Portugal), and a single game: League of Legends. Since then, every year the number of players, teams, participating countries and games in the competition has increased.

josh williams, Global Director of Amazon University Esportsstated: “we want to take advantage of the return to face-to-face finals to add more games, and offer students the opportunity to compete on an international stage”. Furthermore, she claimed to be “very happy to receive students again for another season of the most prestigious university tournament in the world and offer them more unforgettable experiences”.

The entire competition can be followed live through the channel twitch of Amazon University Esports Mastersand will be broadcast in five languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

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