The United States finalizes the lawsuit against Apple for illegal monopolistic practices. economy

The federal government of the United States is monitoring the monopolistic practices of big technology. After Justice Department lawsuits against Google and Federal Communications Commission lawsuits against Amazon and Meta, now it’s Apple’s turn. The Justice Department is finalizing a lawsuit against the Tim Cook-led company for monopolistic practices that it considers illegal, according to Bloomberg, which indicates that the legal action could be filed this Thursday.

Promoting competition and fighting against monopolies are some of the policies that United States President Joe Biden has under his banner. His government has not only sued technology giants, but has also shown its opposition to mergers and acquisitions, which it believes could reduce competition in the market. Microsoft managed to push through the Activision purchase in court despite opposition from officials, but other operations have been derailed.

The Justice Department filed two lawsuits against Google, one for alleged abuse of its dominant position in the search engine market, which is on trial and awaiting sentencing, and the other for its monopolistic actions in the advertising market. Digital, which is still being processed. Now, the same department, headed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, has taken aim at Apple, a company it had already accused in two other smaller cases.

According to Bloomberg, the new lawsuit accuses the tech giant of violating antitrust laws by blocking rivals from accessing the hardware and software features of its iPhone. The publication of the news by the financial agency caused an immediate 1% decline in Apple’s price in trading after the close of the session. For a company worth $2.7 trillion on the stock market, that’s a loss of value of about $27 billion.

The aggression against Apple doesn’t just come from Washington. This month, the European Commission fined the company 1,840 million euros for abuse of dominant position in the music market. Streaming. According to the European Commission, European competition laws lead to bankruptcy, because the American technology company prevents its competitors, for example, Spotify, from reaching their potential customers who use iPhone or iPad and offering them Apple Music or more. Provide alternative services for. Cheap

In addition, Apple also has to face the demands of its competitors. The aggression has intensified this Wednesday when Meta Platform, Microsoft, social network payments in your App Store.

Tech companies that developed some of the most popular apps in the App Store say Apple has “blatantly” failed to comply with a 2021 court order making it easier for consumers to pay for digital content more cheaply. It has become difficult.

Epic sued Apple in 2020, alleging it violated antitrust laws by forcing consumers to get apps through the App Store and charging commissions of up to 30% on purchases from developers. The court order requires Apple to allow developers to provide links and buttons to direct consumers to alternative payment options. Last week, Epic demanded that Apple be held in contempt, claiming that the new rules and the new 27% fee imposed on developers made the link effectively worthless.

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