The United States, Qatar and Egypt are promoting a new plan for the release of Hamas hostages in Gaza

An operation by the Israel Defense Forces on January 18, 2024, in which they destroyed the main Hamas military headquarters in Khan Yunis (EFE/Israel Defense Forces).

usa, egypt And Queue they are pressuring israel And Hamas To start a phased diplomatic process end of hostilities and to return of israeli hostages In the hands of Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, As a preliminary step towards a comprehensive agreement Of peace for the region.

As security sources revealed this Sunday Wall Street Journal, The arbitrators have made a proposal 90 day plan that he first postpones the fight for an unspecified number of days Hamas will first release all Israeli civilian hostagesWhereas In return, Israel will release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, will withdraw troops of Gaza, will allow freedom of movement in the strip And will double the help Which comes in the enclave.

In second phase, Hamas will free Israeli female soldiers and hand over their bodies Which is in exchange for the new release of Palestinian prisoners by Israel.

A third step shall include Release of Israeli soldiers and people of fighting age which Hamas considers troops, according to Egyptian officials, while Israel will begin “redeployment” of some of its units outside the current borders of the Gaza Strip.

A Khan Yunis tunnel where Israeli captives were held by Hamas. (EFE/Israeli Army)

The plan has also been considered Creation of an international fund for the reconstruction of Gaza and security guarantees for Hamas political leaders, Egyptian sources said Wall Street Journal, Before Taking the Final Step: Negotiating for A permanent ceasefiregeneralization of relations between israel And Saudi Arab and relaunch of a process Create an independent Palestinian state,

The initiative is still ongoing fetal stage And is viewed with considerable suspicion By both Hamas and Israel, according to WSJ,

However, people briefed on the conversation said israel And Hamasat least they were ready to start talking again The final ceasefire on 30 November followed a weeks-long standoff. Talks will continue in Cairo in the coming days.

“The willingness of both sides to discuss the framework was a positive step, Mediators are now working to bridge the gap,” one of the people with knowledge of the talks told the US newspaper.

The United States, Egypt and Qatar consider Another mortgage deal is important To end the fight for a long time.

In November, a lull in the fighting lasted for a week as well as 100 Israeli hostages exchanged for more than 300 Palestinian prisoners in Gaza Hosted by Israel.

US President Joe Biden sends Brett Magurk, coordinator of the US National Council for the Middle East, to Qatar and Egypt (Europa Press/Contact/Kyle Mazza)

Coordinator of the United States National Council for the Middle East, within the framework of the new plan to negotiate a cessation of hostilities in Gaza, Brett Magerka journey will begin egypt And Queue.

As confirmed by three sources close to the visit to the American portal axios, McGurk starts the journey tonight Going to Cairo to meet the Egyptian Intelligence Minister, Abas KamelHe is considered a great mediator of the currently stalled talks between Israel and Hamas.

in qatar, mcgurk Will meet the Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al ZaniAccording to the same sources axios,

(With information from Europa Press)

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