The VCL does not want a single leader

The VALORANT Challenger League He continues with his Solomonic decision to share the lead between Team Queso and KPI. The teams share a throne after just one day ago those from NeptuNo took the advantage in a KPI setback.

However, the VCL has proposed not to let anyone stand out and we are back to what we had been seeing during the previous ten days.

Movistar Riders suffers, but wins and finds its good run

The riders win a very important matchball against the Falcons and aim to find themselves in the best of their games. It seems that toruu has identified the key to his game and everything goes through a Navarrete and a saiko who are the lungs of the team.

The Polish IGL already leaves wonders for the Movistar eSports Center and begins to win the affection of the fans. Beside him, the Spanish initiator is making the Jett feel comfortable and they close a first half in which the Ascent offensive was almost a monologue between the riders and the hawks.

Opposite, KILLDREAM did not have the afternoon and although he was the best player on his team, it did not turn out as expected. When changing sides, the riders were 11-3 on their scoreboard and aimed to close shortly.

Nevertheless, Falcons scrambled and managed to scratch four points until the match point, where Riders ended up putting the 13-7 that made them breathe.

ZETA regains spirits at the expense of Ramboot

The bottom of the classification continues in free fall. ZETA Gaming wins again with saiz in devil mode His Killjoy together with maniek and Buld were great in the defenses of the robots. Rexs, who has already commented on networks that he is not in his best shape, was once again one of the most demerited in the draft. The fumes from his Omen did not enter as expected and his team was quite accused of that.

When it was time to defend ZETA did not hesitate and eliminating any rushing to the sitesI was adding points until reaching 6-13 which assures them to be on the border of the playoffs two victories away from entering and unseating the Falcons, the cutting team.

AYM makes KPI sweat cold

The scare of the day was led by KPI who had to go to overtime (something that has rarely been seen this season, this game being the third in the entire campaign) to beat AYM.

Those of kyrrz came back from a complicated game in the first half, putting nine consecutive points on track.

Nonetheless, AYM woke up unexpectedly with Daniel0 and his Jett putting points into the locker even getting ahead (10-9), but to beat the leader you have to have something more than game and when everything seemed lost, AYM drew the tie on the buzzer.

B1SK saved the team again being the one who did everything for the map. The Russian with the Jett attacked at will and managed to complete the remaining two rounds to sign the 12-14 that kept them going with Team Queso.

UCAM exacerbates the Rebels Gaming crisis

For their part, the university students do damage in the depression that Rebels is going through. The rebels didn’t get off to a bad start.

In Icebox it is true that something more was expected from the Madrid team, but the offensive of UCAM was there when more damage had to be done and therefore, the tie was nailed before changing sides.

With everything open, we don’t really know what happened to Rebels’ strategy, but iDex’s defusing and defense worked perfectly. Famsii and Flickless led the blockades of the sites which was dilating their advantage, putting the seven points they needed on track.

Although jannyXD I was trying of lane with the occasional 4K it was not enough to avoid the 13-8 that gave victory to the Murcian team.

CASE cuts the optimism at Team Queso

By last, CASE closes the day by lowering the euphoria in Team Queso. The great offensive approach in Icebox weakened Team Queso’s defenses to the point that they knew how to hit back in the second half.

Being one of the most defensive maps, trying to attack to turn the score around in the second half by attacking became very complicated and even more so with a categorical CASE order.

Kiles and Yurii were the guillotine that even though H1ber tried to carry his team on his shoulders, it didn’t help much. Another great point that CASE had is that they always played very close together, which made it difficult to defend when attacking the sites, in addition to the fact that the spike every now and then did its tricks to force the back to the sites.

For this reason, the 4-8 was completed in the second half with a 4-5 that closed the 8-13 with which the cheeses fell.

Finish day 12 with the shared throne, once again. Time is running out and almost none of the fans are worried about the lead and more How are the playoffs going to close? since right now many excels are opened looking at the percentage of possibilities that the Riders, ZETA and the occasional unexpected last-minute guest end up getting involved at the last minute.

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