The world record for killing the LoL dragon in less than a second

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League of Legends is a video game whose purpose is very simple: Destroy the enemy base and win. Despite this, there are many interactions that the game hides and what you have to go through before you can win the game. With almost 14 years behind him, some consider that perhaps we are facing a somewhat repetitive title. And that’s why they look for new ways to entertain themselves. and, why not say it, gain a place in the history of the MOBA.

In order to get to destroy the rival base we need to go through several points: kill our enemies, farm Well, get gold and, of course, take the neutral objectives. He Baron Nashor and the Dragon of LoL are vital when it comes to improving within the game. But to get them we need to take into account several factors such as the priority of the lanes or the position of the opposing jungler, for example.

This has led a number of players to find a way to get rid of these monsters in the shortest possible time. And today we are going to see how a team manages to kill a LoL dragon in half a second, something that seems completely impossible but for which a method has finally been found.

Kill the LoL Dragon in less than a second? If possible

In a very short time the record has been broken up to two times. The first mark was put on 0.485 seconds. However, that brand will remain somewhat anecdotal, since from Hextech Lab They have managed to reduce that time. To carry it out they needed the following composition: Zion, volibear, Syndra, jhin and Varus. The result is explosive.

The trick to carry it out is that Zion has to cast the [W] at minute 04:56 and the [Q] at 04:58. Just in minute 5 he will press the [W]. volibear will prepare the [E] at 04:58. In the case of jhinhe will begin to prepare his traps from the [W] from minute 2 and always have them available will go to the dragon pit to place them. Syndra It will be one of the most important in this process, since it will have to catch the Rift Scuttler at 4:55 and a little later at 4:57 throw it into the pit to activate Jhin’s traps. Finally, Varus will start loading the [Q] at 4:58 to release it at 5. And to top it off, everyone will have to carry ‘Crush’ and use it at minute 5:00.

With this in mind, the world record for defeating a Dragon in LoL in less time has been reduced to 0.478 seconds. Surely we will see many other players try to improve this mark, although it will not be easy.

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