The Xocas and Ibai get involved

“It is true, Xokas, that only 50-something-year-old businessmen see you, who have seven degrees and four master’s degrees, 15-year-old children do not follow you. In fact, to write in the Xocas chat, they ask you to show that you have a master’s degree”, was Ibai’s letter of introduction.

With these words, the Basque responded ironically to the streamer Galician after some controversial words dedicated to the entire community of content creators, “rat children” and Minecraft (one of the video games par excellence and the ones that have been at the top for the longest time), to whom he seriously insults: “You have me all up to the h…, you are all sons of p…”.

These statements, understood in the context of a live show by El Xocas, characterized by using this type of expressions and language, did not end up being funny to Ibai Llanos, who reacted vehemently to this lack of respect.

The Galician’s words came after the Squid Games 2 event, held last week and in which 150 content creators and streamers met for four days to compete for 100,000 euros in a kind of Squid Game in Minecraft, which will be took the winner: Sapnap.

The controversy that dotted the entire event focused on what happened ‘at night’, when the most experienced players killed the most inexperienced (including ElXocas), causing massive casualties at night, which led to the worst gamers could not advance more than one day, generating great criticism from players and spectators.

intense face to face

After Ibai’s response to ElXocas, in which he spends more than five minutes, the Basque left all kinds of pearls: “Yes Xocas, if you want we can analyze all the points of view of a p… game. Yes You want, I call Maldini and we analyze what has happened. You went too far, they caught you and killed you, period and end”.

But Ibai did not stop there and continued in his line: “The same, the viewer does not care and does not want to see 16 points of view on what has happened in a game.” Finally, both met live to give their different versions face to face on their Twitch channels.

“Stop treating this as if it were something fundamental in the world, really. You went to the middle and they killed you and that’s it,” criticized Ibai. “Did you feel persecuted?” Ibai asked him in a mocking tone. “No, not persecuted, I felt abused. If you were great at Minecraft, you wouldn’t have done the same as them, Ibai,” replied El Xocas.

This conversation was uploaded to TikTok by the ViralVideotop account on the Chinese platform, and has generated all kinds of reactions and has already accumulated more than 6,000 likes.

Finally, they reached a meeting point when talking about what the 100,000 euros prize would mean and what someone would be willing to do for that amount.

“The important thing is not the 100,000, it is the exposure, having 50,000 viewers is much more important than 100,000 euros”, said Xocas, with the approval of Ibai, “yes, that’s true”, confessed the Basque, in a conversation in which the two seemed to have relaxed and were much calmer than in the previous videos.

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