Thebausffs receives a new ban in League of Legends

since a few monthsRiot Games got the batteries when it comes to punishing the players in League of Legends. Entering the MOBA and seeing the message that a user has received some kind of punishment is no longer a novelty. Well, hours ago, one of the most famous content creators on the European scene confirmed that the developer banned your account for 14 days. Simon Hofverberg”thebausffs» has been punished for their kills in numerous games.

All this happened after losing a game against SpearShot Y KeshaEuw. In that match, Thebausffs was playing with Quinn and finished 6/18. At the end of the game he got the message that the account had received a ban 14 days for intear. This is somewhat strange, since Riot Games are usually quite flexible when it comes to punishing people for dying in a game. However, this has not been the case for Thebausffs.

The ban by Thebausffs in LoL

Two consecutive games where he died 18 times were enough for Riot Games to make this decision. While his marker indicates that the player wasn’t taking the game seriously, we can see from the VOD that he was trying to win. So much so that in Quinn’s game he was the player who did the most damage on his team.

When KeshaEuw saw that the toplaner rival was Thebausffs, he decided gank him constantly. He so she announced it directly from him, even stating that he was going to find that banish to the Swedish content creator. That caused him to die over and over again, with the result that we all know.

if we see thebausffs history, we can discover that his last games were a complete disaster. Despite the fact that he seemed to try to win, they all ended with defeats and a worrying personal score. Now you will have to wait 14 days until you can play again with your main account.

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