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Haven Map

When you start playing VALORANT, one of the first differences you notice compared to other tactical FPS like CS:GO is the use of agent abilities. Its correct combination between the different players of the team is also key. Therefore, below, from Full Esports we present you the best agent composition for Haven currently.

Best Agents for Haven

It is evident that, due to the wide variety of agents that VALORANT has -increasingly-, the compositions can be very varied. Although everything depends on the internal decisions of each team and the characteristics of each of its players.

It could be said that there are some character formations that tend to repeat themselves. This is due to goal of the game, that is, what is most common to play and what becomes ‘fashionable’ depending on the moment.

In the case of Haven, one of the best and most used compositions at a professional level is the following:

  • Sova: The Russian Agent is commonly used as its utility is key on this map. He owl-drone and, above all, the homing projectileare key to increase control over the map from both attack and defense. As for the defensive section, his usual position is usually at the point of A.
  • Breach: It is another of the characters that dominates this map. Thanks to your seismic fault it is very easy to follow the executes or block attacks at one point from the attack. The flashes and their ultimate are ideal complements for enable and generate space for the team. His position from defense tends to vary a lot depending on the plays of each team.
  • Jett: The South Korean agent is the duelist par excellence. Despite the fact that it depends a lot on personal taste -in my case I highly value the utility that Raze provides- it is completely necessary in any composition. Especially after the nerfed to Chamber since he is one of the few characters that allows the use of the sniper. On offense, he has great combinations with both starters and on defense he often anchors A’s point with Sova.
  • Omen: As in the case of duelists, the controller is usually a role in which there is a great variation of characters. The alternative would be Astra since it allows, again, to carry out very satisfying skill combos. As for Omen, he is usually the main pick since he allows him to help the team with his paranoia but give the enough freedom to get individual moves.
  • killjoy: In the role of the sentinel, the German is the reigns on most mapsespecially after the nerfed to the French agent -Chamber-. His kit is largely geared towards defense. However, both his alarm button as the turret contribute to guarding the backs of allies and open the possibility to lurking.
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