These are the prefabricated houses that Amazon sells for 26 thousand dollars

After analyzing the characteristics, Apparently the installation of these houses is more complicated than it seems.

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So those are the prefab homes that are sold on Amazon.

These are prefab homes sold on Amazon.

This is the prefab house that Amazon sells

Jeff Bryant said the house has a kitchen, one bathroom with all services, a living room and two bedrooms. However, after acquiring the house they faced several dilemmas, firstly finding a place to locate it (this should have been thought of in advance) and secondly the quality of the material from which the house is built.

In a video published on the Chinese platform TikTok The young man commented: “Fake plastic marble, I don’t know…”, “The ceilings are too low.” So they’re not really that tall.”

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The size of the prefab house is approximately 5 square meters and the height is 2.5 meters. And it has modern design inside and outside. As per the product description, it promises to be a safe home and is able to withstand inclement weather as well as earthquakes up to 8 degrees. However, this does not include furniture (this is expected) or electrical circuits (this is no small detail), or additional materials for installation, so these are the buyers responsibility.

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However, Other buyers of a prefab home sold on Amazon say it could be an excellent buy For those who have just purchased a piece of land, while others find its price exorbitant due to the material it is made of.

Jeff shared that he doesn’t plan to live in it, but he plans to take advantage of it by renting it out on Airbnb.

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