These two ridiculous videos are breaking the web

Bella Porch and Erdbaren

On TikTok, two absurd clips are currently competing to take the title of most liked video on the platform.Image: Capture/Watson Assemble

On TikTok, two clips are currently competing to take the title of most liked video on the platform. What they have in common: Both are completely absurd.

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Until 2019, the record for the most liked photo on Instagram was held by Kyle Jenner. However, Cliché faced unexpected competition. His popularity rating surpassed that of a picture of an egg! But not just one. The new record was set by the @world_record_egg account, which has received over 60 million likes so far.

The star in question👇


Image: Instagram

About this TIC Toc, it’s influencer Bella Poarch who currently has the most liked video on the platform. The lipsyncing clip has so far been viewed approximately 795 million times and has received 64 million likes. All this for a young girl… who turns heads.

This video of Bella Porch went viral

Video: Outdoors/Leisure

But – drum roll – another video is now in the running for ultimate favorite of the sphere. This…is a simple flash photo of a bowl of chocolate strawberries. The burst of images has been viewed approximately 271 million times, and liked 36 million times.

Famous Chocolate Strawberry👇

Video: Outdoors/Leisure

an unknown face

The video was uploaded by unknown user “pray4gabs”. There is no description, just the hashtags #fy, #foryou, #strawberry, #chocolate and #chocolatecoveredstrawberry.

We hear a song in the background What wouldn’t you do for love By Bobby Caldwell, dating from 1978. Thanks to the viral video, the song reached number one on the TikTok Billboard Top 50.

Shortly after its publication, on February 5, Strawberry had already received 190 million views. Subsequently, Bella Poarch’s music videos received an increase in love. In the comment columns of the two videos, Internet users compare the two digital falls, placing bets on who will come out on top in the statistics.

So it’s this little friendly rivalry that allowed both TikToks to achieve record views. Additionally, @world_record_egg made its mark on the web in a similar manner.

In addition to these absolutely thrilling clips, there are a few other candidates competing for the title of most liked video. For example:

reasons for success

It’s not always easy to understand the reasons why a video went viral. Countless users on the dance platform are trying to explain how this happened. Everyone comes to a similar conclusion: People who use the platform unique humor, And the algorithm responds positively to these types of posts.

And now, even more viral videos

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The name Jack Antonoff may mean nothing to you, but he’s probably featured in some of your favorite songs. Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Sia, Lorde, Pink and others have used her magic, which has allowed them to win at least 6 Grammys. But his biggest wins came with one of his “best friends”, Taylor Swift, with whom he won Album of the Year three times.

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