They give conditional release to one of the members of the Clandestino

political prisoner Jorge Ernesto Perez GarciaA member of the dissident group Clandestineos received a conditional release after an ordeal in prison.

After spending more than four years behind bars, a period that was marked by adversities and illness, members of secret group He received conditional release in a decision issued by the Provincial Court of Havana.

Pérez García was sentenced for crimes that the Cuban government classifies as “defamation of institutions, organizations and heroes and martyrs.” He was also prosecuted in an alleged drug trafficking case.

Pérez García’s prison term ended on March 15, although his sentence officially ends on July 13.

His arrest in January 2020 was due to the actions of the clandestines, a group that challenged the regime by daubing red paint on symbols such as national emblems and statues of José Martí.

Near panter rodriguez barro And Joel Prieto TamayoSentenced to 15 and 9 years in prison respectively, Pérez García was part of actions that stood out in the field of Cuban activism.

in conversation with 14ymedia, Pérez García reveals the horrors of his captivity. He passed through forced labor camps such as Combinado del Este and CETEM, Cuba’s main penitentiary center, where he also became infected with COVID-19.

These regime facilities are characterized by the unavailability of medical treatment and inhumane conditions, which deteriorated their health, resulting in tendonitis and knee damage.

In a desperate attempt to secure his release, the Cuban prisoner began hunger strikeBut due to his critical condition he had to leave. Pérez García condemned the lack of medical care in Cuban prisons, assuring that this reality goes beyond his personal case and affects all prisoners.

Now, fragile but at home, he is trying to rebuild his life and his integrity, he said, dealing with the consequences of his time in captivity and adapting to an environment that, for him and for the clandestines, is in the fight. Represents a battlefield. For freedom. Freedom of expression in Cuba.

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