They give three years to a medical student who performed cosmetic surgery and killed his patient

The young man did not have the prerequisites to undergo any of the procedures. picture; (Shutterstock)

A medical student accused of murder has been arrested and sentenced to three years in prison after his guilt was proven in the case of the death of a patient on whom he performed cosmetic surgery without expertise.

According to data from the Special Regional Prosecutor’s Office of District II, located in Tapetitlán de Morelos, Jalisco, the man identified as Jorge V performed a surgical procedure against the victim. Georgina NayeliWho would have died in an unconscious state in May 2023.

Information received by authorities indicates that despite being affiliated with an educational institution, the person responsible was found guilty of the crime of homicide with gross negligence, for which he will receive a short sentence.

The student was immediately located by officials. Photo: Two Prosecutor’s Office Jalisco

According to the report of Jalisco Prosecutor’s OfficeThe events occurred around 7:00 pm on May 24, 2023 when the medical student may have performed the procedure liposuction And lipotransfer There are two more people also with him.

The three involved used a house located on Morelos Street in the center of the municipality, which legally functions as a restaurant or office, but with certain elements and furniture that made it function as a secret operating room. Was made capable of doing.

When they found the woman’s body in a room at that location, the people in charge of performing the autopsy found that she had died from an acute myocardial infarction that went directly to the myocardium secondary to pulmonary fatty thromboembolism, a direct response to liposuction. Was.

In the description of the investigation, he detailed that they found the remains on a stretcher that would be used for massage, it was not covered with any blanket and on the stomach the marks characteristic of this type of intervention were evident.

The investigation revealed the culprit of this death. Source: Unimedias

Since the student left the scene, it was possible to recover several surgical instruments, special containers for biological waste, syringes and even medicines, which helped to find the culprit.

Thanks to the above, Officials from the Prosecutor’s Office revealed the whereabouts of George V., who was in the eighth semester of his medical degree and had no expertise in plastic surgery at the time he attempted to operate on his victim.A situation for which it is believed that he did not receive a high punishment.

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