They recover the body of a Puerto Rican soldier dragged by the currents in Condado Local

Rescuers from San Juan’s Office of Municipal Emergency Management (OMME) and the Puerto Rico National Guard (GNPR) found the soldier’s body this morning. fidel cruz lanosWho was missing for three days in San Juan.

The soldier was swept away by waves at Condado Beach near Ventana al Mar when he tried to help a drowning American.

Cruz Llanos’s body was taken to the San Juan Maritime Unit dock to be officially identified by his family.

This was confirmed by Carlos Acevedo, director of San Juan’s Municipal Emergency Management Office (OMME). Discovery of dead body. It was a Puerto Rico National Guard (GNPR) helicopter that found the body 2.1 miles north of the beach – a long way from Condado.

Acevedo said they understand that Cruz got stuck in some rocks or caves in the Llanos coastal area and that the same ocean currents brought him to the surface.

It was added that the clothes and tattoos of the man found were the same as those described by relatives of Cruz Llanos.

A 35-year-old man jumped into the water on Sunday afternoon in an attempt to save an American tourist. Charles Victor Daniel Poor, age 20 and resident of the state of Illinois. The poor man was asking for help and the Puerto Rican, who was on the beach with his partner and minor children, tried to help him, whether he knew him or not.

Later the body of the foreigner surfaced.

Fidel Cruz Llanos has been missing for three days after he tried to save a tourist who was drowning at Condado beach.

The search continues for National Guard Sgt.

The National Guard is busy searching for the soldier dragged into Condado

A Puerto Rican jumped into the sea to save a drowning tourist, but is no longer seen. The body of the foreign national has been recovered.

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