They recreate the classic game of Snake in Minecraft using Redstone

Every day a clever player of Minecraft introduce your greatest creation to the world, as the Mojang Sandbox gives the most creative gamers the ideal tools to create and build almost anything their imagination can fashion. On this occasion, a user published his invention on Reddit, showing how it works with a video, in which we can see the recreation of the classic Snake game in Minecraft using Redstonethe material that allows you to do all these technical things in the game.

Reddit user mattbatwings2 went public with his great feat, stating that he managed to make Snake just by using the Redstone mechanic that Minecraft offers. The most experienced players with the game will know the great potential that this reddish material hides.being possible to create automated farms, or any type of mechanism that facilitates our survival in a game, but it is also possible to create great things like this recreation of Snake in Minecraft.

They recreate the classic game of Snake in Minecraft using Redstone

The most impressive thing about this creation is that snake game in minecraft is fully functional. If we watch the video above, we can see how the player uses pressure plates that are connected to the mechanism, giving him the power to move the snake through the grids, thus managing to eat the apples that will make the snake occupy an extra grid.

Definitely, Minecraft has been one of the video games that has boosted the creativity of many people, leading them to create as you are, which normally requires some programming language. This game made in Minecraft adds to the group of recreations of other games made in the same cubic world, accompanied by the version of Minecraft made in Minecraft, and Doom from 1993 recreated in the same way as the Snake.

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