They share a fun killcam from CoD: Modern Warfare 2

a player of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has shown a funny clip of a killcamwhere he insults an opposing player who decided to equip the Survivor perk.

In most competitive online franchises, like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Seige, or Call of Duty, the final killcam shows the last play of the game.

However, some have taken this opportunity to show off their skill by performing a stylish move, such as a bouncing throwing knife, or sometimes a funny shape that brings the game to a close.

While it can be downright difficult to predict or time when the final death will occur, some players actively prepare for it by trying to time a death just when they think the game will end in hopes of being showcased.

Things can get a little out of hand at times, however, this latest killcam video looks like one player’s revenge against another for their decision to equip a specific perk.

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On the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, a user named Lad_of_the_Lake posted a short video of his final killcam. In this case, Lad_of_the_Lake takes down an enemy player with a Scoped Rifle, though instead of dying as expected, he goes down thanks to the Survivor perk, which allows the player to get back up again if they have enough time.

Survival, or Last Stand as it was previously known, is a perk in MW2 that has quickly become a nuisance for many players, as it basically forces the player to kill the enemy twice in order to win the battle.

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