This Former CS:GO Pro Has Bad Luck: He Stands To Lose Thousands Of Dollars Over A Decades-Old Valve Rule – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

An ex-pro gamer’s account is worth $84,000 that could be lost if Valve doesn’t rectify an outdated rule.

We are often not aware of the lucky we have until we see someone suffering from really hard-to-explain phenomena in the video game industry. This time the controversy involves a former professional CS:GO player, a work that will update soon to make way for Counter-Strike 2. Even if some things change, the bad luck of some players will remain intact.

As reported by our Extra Life colleagues, Bradley “Android” Fodor, a former professional Valorant and CS:Go player, has told on his Twitter account what has lost access to your steam account. All this has happened because the telephone number that was linked to the authentication has been changed. Still, Fodor has a slim chance of getting his account back, and that’s by using a password that’s over 15 years old.

Therefore, Valve requires you to enter the original CD key from when you created your account. In the case of the former player, it was 15 years ago and it is not possible to recover everything through that route. Fodor’s account has exclusive paid skins for reaching the quarterfinals of the FACEIT London Major with Complexity in 2018. In this way, the value of your account and skins is $84,000.

Testimony of Bradley “Android” Fodor: I sent them my passport and driving license. I also offered to give them my birth certificate, but it was not enough to recover the account. It seems that I will never get my Steam account back. I put my life into getting the quarterfinal emblem/stickers, and because I changed my number, I’ll never see it again. How sad, man… who has the original cd keys of him with an account of more than 15 years.

Fortunately, there is a thread hope for him, and it has been offered to him by another ex-professional player named Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninicthat told him that I had to keep insisting since he had the same problem. It only remains to wait to see how this anecdote ends, which we hope will not happen to anyone else because it would be a frustrating situation and difficult to fit.

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