This is how we live day 5 of the best Spanish LoL competition

Matchday 5 of the Super League, live

Sooo good afternoon and welcome to a new Super League day. Today we have a complete menu loaded with good matches to enjoy today’s evening.

We started the afternoon strong with a Jokers – Bisons. Those of Motroco are still the only team that does not know victory, and Mystiques will debut as support of the clowns in an attempt to change the dynamic of the team. Bisons arrives with a very different dynamic, with three victories and with his signings adapting very well to the team. The Basques start as favourites, but the clowns are eager to make their debut.

Then we will have a UCAM – Movistar RidersTwo teams with different aspirations. The riders arrive as one of the fittest teams in the leaguewith only a surprising loss against the Rebels with which they remained undefeated. UCAM started with a good 2-0, but two consecutive losses against Heretics and Fnatic TQ left them with a score of 2-2 and with doubts about his game.

One of the most outstanding duels today is between Barça and Fnatic TQ. The culés arrive with a 3-1 that allows them to co-lead the table after four days of ups and downshighlighting above the rest the victory against Heretics, with Sajator and his Ryze as protagonists. Fnatic TQ arrives with doubts after these first days, but nobody denies that the potential of this team is enormous. By polishing certain aspects of his game and with the correct growth of his players, he can turn the Fnatic academy into a group to take into account.

Another of the great games we have today. KOI arrives after getting his first victory against Jokersa triumph that meant a good breath of fresh air for the tents after a super week disastrous. What better challenge than Heretics for the Ibai team to keep adding. The Heretics reached the Super League as the great favorite to repeat the title, but this start is what we all expected. His record is 2-2, and the level of the team has been below expectations. Those of Gevous have to start adding from now if they do not want scares.

Key game for Giants and Rebels. The giants find themselves with a worrying 1-3 and with a bad dynamic of three consecutive defeats. Guilhoto will have to try to turn around a bad start if the people of Malaga want to stay in the fight for the Playoffs. Rebels is being one of the surprises so far this season . 3-1 is the record for David De Gea’s men, who will have to fight a lot if they want to stay in the noble zone of the table. The victory against Movistar Riders on Tuesday can give wings to a team that appears outside the Playoffs in most tierlists.

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