This is Lotus, the new VALORANT map

Published: 2023-01-07T17:17:47

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VALORANT has revealed the arrival of Lotus, the new map of the Riot Games shooter with three Spike areas and that transports us to India with new mechanics.

With the beginning of episode 6 of VALORANT the team wanted to take us to a new location within the game. In this case, we will play Lotus, a lost city in the Sahyadri mountains, a mountain range located in India.

Also, in this new map we will have three new mechanics that give it a new way to move around the map.

This is all you need to know about Lotus in VALORANT.

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lotus zone map aRiot Games

Lotus takes us to India

All the details about Lotus, the new VALORANT map

Lotus will arrive as the new VALORANT map on January 10, 2023 next to episode 6, chapter 1.

The team wanted to make a map with three different zones and provide great flexibility and movement for both teams according to Joe Lansford, level designer. And it is that Lotus will challenge us to attack or defend three different areas that we can access through revolving doors.

mini map lotus valorantRiot Games / Dexerto

In Lotus we will have three different bomb zones

The “A” zone is framed by different structures that give us the ideal cover to defend, but also to deceive the rival if we want to attack. Be careful with the upper level that can catch us off guard more times than we might expect.

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zone to lotus valorantRiot Games / Dexerto

In zone A we will have different coverages

For its part, zone “B” the limit to plant the bomb is very concentrated forcing us to expose ourselves if we want to make the decision to plant or to deactivate. Will the mini pit with unevenness in the area be decisive?

zone b lotus new mapRiot Games / Dexerto

Zone B will force us to expose ourselves

Finally, the “C” area is the one that is most covered. We have different blind spots that will make us tense up more than we would like. We will only tell you one thing: watch your back.

c lotus zoneRiot Games / Dexerto

Zone C is the location where we will have the most blind spots in Lotus

At the same time, between the “A” and “B” area of ​​Lotus we will have the opportunity to unlock a secret tunnel that we can break with any of our weapons and that will help us move much faster between areas. However, when using it we will make a considerable noise that will alert anyone who is nearby.

The article continues after the announcement.

In the same way, we will have revolving doors that can be activated. For it, we will only have to approach the smallest mechanism and press the “F” key Why move the door? As expected, doing so will make considerable noise.

secret tunnel revolving door lotus valorantRiot Games / Dexerto

Using the revolving door or breaking the tunnel entrance will make quite a bit of noise.

And this is all from Lotus, the new VALORANT map! Are you ready?

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