This is what Oxxo looks like in Colombia. Video

In our country, Oxxo has become the convenience store where one can visit day after day to buy any essential product. Its popularity is so high that it has already spread to other countries.

What a user showed through social networks oxxo in colombiawhere it has very local goods and Arepa Flavored Potatoes.

main sales of oxxo, are mainly for beer, snacks, wine and liquor. Nowadays, there is one on almost every corner. It is estimated that there are more than 20 thousand stores here Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

What products do they sell at Oxxo de Colombia?

the user @jio_baka Recently an image has been shared that shows what Oxxo looks like Colombia, and what he found inside its shelves was surprising and curious. One of those that attracted the most attention is the arepa-flavored potatoes, a very famous local product.

But the surprises don’t end here. they can also be found Takis With the taste of fire, although the creator of the video points out that they do not sting as much as those found in our country. There are other products like Penguin Cookies and Cream, Coca-Cola With a light touch of fat.

So if you plan to go someday ColombiaKeep this information in mind to know what the product of Mexico They are not the same as other countries.

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