This is why CDMX suspended 138 pharmacies and confiscated medicines

Some medicines are not authorized for sale in Mexico. Photo: Archive

Government so far in this administration Mexico City Suspended 138 pharmacies and 150 seizures were made With a total of 701 kilograms, 2,584 liters and 2,029 medicines and supplies, to avoid health risks.

Ministry of Health of Mexico City (SEDESA)Through Health Protection Agency (AGEPSA), has carried out 2,791 health verifications in pharmacies in 16 municipalities, where 138 shops have been suspended.

The main reasons for suspension and seizure of products in pharmacies were: medicines and supplies without health registration, batch number or expiry date, Marketing of medical samples or drugs of unknown origin in private pharmacies.

Health officials also found that the imported supplies were not authorized for sale in Mexico; Lack of health license or operating information; and establishments dependent on any other premises or residential house.

In Mexico, vaccines against COVID-19 approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) can now be purchased in pharmacies, such as those from the pharmaceutical companies Moderna or Pfizer. Archival Photography. EFE/Alberto Valdes

According to capital authorities, this agency is carrying out a series of inspections and health promotion activities in pharmacies and pharmacies distributed throughout the territory of the Mexican capital.

In addition to confiscating products and suspending services, efforts are made to provide advice and training to owners of said establishments to rectify poor practices.

During inspections, various problems have been discovered, such as improper handling of medicines, improper diagnosis and dispensing of medicines by unauthorized personnel, as well as the sale of counterfeit or contaminated products.

These improper practices may result in lack of desired therapeutic effect, toxicity or even serious harm to the health of consumers. Therefore, the public should ensure that they purchase their medicines from legitimate establishments and under fair conditions.

Nationally, 31 pharmacies in Baja California were also suspended for possessing medications potentially containing fentanyl (Mexico). EFE/Joabeth Terquez

To protect the health of the population, a number of recommendations have been issued when purchasing medicines. Among them, verify that the drug is visible to the public, check the existence of valid health permits and observe the cleanliness and order of the place.

It is also important to purchase medicines only from accredited establishments, avoid expired or spoiled products and understand that pharmacists are not authorized to make diagnoses or prescribe treatments.

The case of antibiotics and controlled medicines deserves special attention, as these must only be sold with a valid medical prescription.

These measures aim to ensure access to safe and effective pharmaceutical products and reduce the risks associated with the consumption of unauthorized or inappropriate medicines.

Operating in pharmacies across the country

On February 23, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that the federal government, through the Secretary of the Navy and other entities, had taken over operations in pharmacies throughout the country.

“There is a campaign being carried out to combat the distribution of chemical precursors, because that is the key,” the federal president said during his morning conference.

When asked by a reporter, the President justified the closure of establishments in Cancún, Quintana Roo and Ensenada, Baja California for the alleged sale of controlled drugs.

In recent months, an alert was issued in Mexican territory regarding the sale of a drug containing fentanyl as one of the active ingredients, so Cofepris has already taken action on this matter.

“Marijuana plantations, including cocaine, have already gone into the background, now they are chemicals, chemical precursors, and they are the most addictive and the ones that cause the most harm, and that is why we are amending the law. Punish more seriously those related to fentanyl and chemicals,” said the President of the Republic.

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