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The second edition of the awards was held in Mexico City ESLAND, the event that highlights the best of Spanish-speaking streaming. Created by the streamer TheGrefg, which has more than 11 million followers on twitch and with a community of more than 10 years old, the awards were attended by figures such as ibay and they awarded content creators from Spain, Latin America and Andorra.

Spreen, Carreraa and Robleis were the three Argentines who took statuettes and confirmed that the platform Twitch It is one of the fastest growing media among the new generations of our country. With channels dedicated to an infinity of themes, as many as creators live in it, it already has stars that gather millions of followers and views in their live broadcasts.


The event that was at the level of any international awards was sponsored by Universal Music Group, Mercado Libre and Twitch, took place in the National Auditorium of Mexico and lasted more than 5 hours with a peak of 1.6 million viewers through the platform, and 10,000 attendees at the venue. He had musical presentations with lola indigomariachis, Jhay Cortez and even a character from a Minecraft series.


As an opening shortlist, he was Clip of the Year, with El Rubius, Gerard Romero, Quackity and Spreen as nominees. The winner was Gerard Romero, with La Haka.

Presented by the Troubadour, the character of Ringcraft, a series of content quite hated by all, reached the category Fail of the Year which was received by manute and the nicknamed clip ‘There goes my burst’ leaving behind Ibai, Juan Guarnizo and Karchez’s mother.

In the third category was presented Dance of the Year with nominations for AuronPlay, the argentinian Carreraa, Elmariana and Fuckcamiones24. The award went to the Argentine, accompanied by ‘El Woody’, the star of the clip along with the streamer.


The historic soon luzu took home the ESLAND to ‘Angry of the Year’beating Ibai and Spreen, DjMariio and Quackity.

In the category, if you like, more professional, the victory of the prize for ‘Esports Player of the Year’ got it Jellythus also beating the rest of the nominees: Flakked, Mixwell and Reven.

As in every award, controversy was not lacking and it appeared in the shortlist to ‘Caster of the Year’ which included Mellado, the voice of League of Legends, Suja, the voice of Fortnite, Ulises, the voice of Valorant, and vicky palamias nominees, the last one being the winner.






While gerard romero ended the night with two awards, being the second to ‘Best News Coverage’whose nominees were Cell, Yuste and Tamayovisión.

‘Talk Show of the Year’ It was the eighth shortlist with nominees such as Chatting Quietly, The Wild Project, La Mesa Reñoña and Yo Interneto. Jordi Wild took the statuette with The Wild Project.

ArrozYDesgracias, Kidi, Lluna Clark and Viviendoenlacalle were the nominees for the award for ‘IRL Streamer of the Year’, dedicated to those who perform live on public roads had to kidi as winner.

Preceded by mariachis and presented by the leader of the traditional Mexican group came the category of ‘Song of the Year’ with the group of nominees made up of LA TRAMPA ES LEY, by Lit Killah, Ojos Llorosos, by Magus, Otra Vez, by Rodezel, Barca, JCBG, Jaime and Hasvik, and finally SOLO, by Robleis. ESLAND was kept by Robleis, with SOLO, a song with lyrics full of feelings.


Then the winner to ‘VTuber of the year’ was Zilverk, in a competition against NimuVT, Emikukis and Kendomurft. While the ‘Roleplayer of the Year’ it was Juan Guarnizobeating Agentemaxo, Carola and Reborn.

The statuette to ‘Best Content Miniseries’ was presented by a spectator of the show, chosen at random, by Jägger. The girl announced that ‘Squid Craft Games’, by El Rubius, Komanche and Auronplay had been victorious over ‘The ground is lava’‘Juaniquilacopa Build Battle’ and ‘Saw Minecraft Games’.

With a landslide victory, ‘La Velada del Año II’ organized by Ibai took the title of ‘Event of the Year’ leaving behind ‘Juaniquilacopa Beer Pong’, ‘GP Twitter’ and ‘El Partidazo de los Youtubers’ as the other nominees. The tribute prize was awarded to Germán Garmendia the award for ‘Best career’.

As expected, The national Spreen, already winner of the ‘Streamer of the Year’ award at the ‘Coscu Army Awards’, brought the ‘Revelation Streamer’ award to Argentina. Then came the turn for ‘Best Content Series’‘Dedchallenge 2’, ‘Karmaland V’, ‘Pokemón Twitch Cup’ and ‘Tortillaland 2’ competed for the award, although the victory went to the miniseries of The Ded, ‘Dedchallenge 2’.

I was the Streamer of the Year with Grefg.

I was the Streamer of the Year with Grefg.

Finally, the most important category, ‘Streamer of the Year’ won it, the now two-time champion of this list, Ibai Llanos. On this occasion, AuronPlay, El Mariana, and Illojuan stayed behind and only watched the statuette go by.

Although this second edition did not have awards such as ‘Jägger of the year’ or ‘Best Esports reporter’, it introduced new categories such as ‘vtuber of the year‘, ‘Better news coverage‘ Y ‘Best Content Miniseries‘.

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