Trivia: The Last of Us

We continue to bring you curiosities about your favorite series and this time we are going to let you know some about The Last of Us.

1. This is the first video game adaptation made by HBO. The series, adapted from Naughty Dog and Sony’s acclaimed and award-winning Playstation game, was created by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) along with the game creator himself, Neil Druckmann (also the co-president of Naughty Dog).

2. Before Pedro Pascal being cast as Joel, Matthew McConaughey, Mahershala Ali, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Jon Bernthal, David Harbour, Keanu Reeves, Chris Hemsworth, Harrison Ford and Tom Hardy were considered for the role. In the case of Ellie, Dafne Keen, Kaitlyn Dever, Maisie Williams, Bailee Madison, Elle Fanning and Mckenna Grace are among the actresses considered for the role that ended up belonging to Bella Ramsey.

3. Five actors from the game appear in the 1st season of the series: Merle Dandridge plays Marlene in the series, the same role she has in the game; Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie in both games, has the role of Anna in the series; the joel of games, Troy Baker appears in the series as James; Jeffrey Pierce, who in the games is Tommy, in the series is Perry; It is Laura Bailey there is a cameo in the series with the same character from the first part of the game, a nurse from the Firefly (it should be noted that Bailey embodies a new – and more important – character in the second game).

4. In the series, the actors who play the clickers (name given to humans in one of the stages of contamination by the fungus) were chosen because they were fans of the game and did their best to imitate the movements of the clickers about the game. As for the sound of clickers, is performed by the same two actors who voice the characters in the game. clickers male and female. Still on the clickers of the series, the actor Jason Ritter (Parenthood) appears in Season 1 as clicker in the two episodes where his real-life wife, Melanie Lynskey, has the role of Kathleen Coghlan. The two will return to play together in the new season of Yellowjackets.

5. In the game, fungi multiply through spores in the air. However, in the series, multiplication was replaced by tendrils (organs found on climbing plants). Neil Druckmann explained that he made this decision quite early in the development of the series, so that the world would be more believable and the fungi would be scarier. As in the series, several of the fungi that exist in the world have the ability to create underground connections in order to transfer nutrients. Still within science, although nowadays there are cures for fungal diseases, there are no vaccines, as mentioned in the series. In fact, several amphibian populations are devastated every year due to fungi, some of them leading to the extinction of the species.

6. Despite not being part of the episode, Naughty Dog dedicated episode 3 of season 1 to the actress Annie Werschingwho voices and moves Tess in the game, and who died on the day this episode aired.

7. Gustavo Santaolalla, the composer of the music for both parts of the game, is also the composer of the soundtrack for the series. The music Alone and Forsakenby Hank Williams, used in the teaser from the series is also included in the first part of the game.

Did you know any of these curiosities about The Last of Us?

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