TSE refuses to rule on Ramfis Dominguez candidacy case. AlMomento.net

TSE refuses to rule on Ramfis Dominguez candidacy case.  AlMomento.net

Ramfis Dominguez-Trujillo.

Santo Domingo. – The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) again refused to rule on the case of Ramfis Domínguez-Trujillo’s candidacy, accepting what the political leader had called a “maneuvering request for inadmissibility from the Central Electoral Board (JCE)”. Was classified in.

According to Domínguez-Trujillo, the electoral body used technicalities to mislead the judges and provoke their wrong decision.

“Who can understand this absurd decision? The TSE accepts the JCE lawyer’s request for inadmissibility, because according to him, he will have to review my case again…”

“The JCE irresponsibly does not do this, and we return to the TSE on the instructions of the same magistrates, and they once again declare the case inadmissible. It’s their little game with me, but it’s going to end soon,” he said.

In turn, the head of the political leader’s legal team, Trajano Vidal Potentini, was clear in highlighting the TSE’s inaction in declaring the case inadmissible.

Ramfis responded about his party’s candidates

When asked what effect the TSE decision would have on him, the Chairman of the Democratic Hope Party said that the decision to present Roque el Cobrador/Fadul Binado as their candidates for President and Vice-President for the elections would Was the last.

He said he was happy to bring forward these candidates who, according to him, represent the values ​​of his political group.

However, he made it clear that, according to his assessment, this decision of the TSE also follows the political line that was imposed on him by the First Judiciary, specifying that legal freedom does not exist in the Dominican Republic, As he has been condemning. ,

He said, “…his intention was to leave the party without Ramfis, and now it turns out that he has multiplied me by three with this dynamic trio that we have achieved.”


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