UFC 299 | Donald Trump is shocked by Poirier’s bloody KO and his reaction is viral

Donald Trump He was present at the UFC 299 event this Saturday, March 9, and he caught everyone’s attention by reacting to it. Dustin Poirier’s bloody KO against Benoit Saint-Denis in Miami.

Former presidents and candidates returning to office in the United States in the following elections were among the major centers of attraction. That’s during the co-feature before the duel between Sean O’Malley and Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera, When they saw Poirier’s victory they reacted with thunderous applause and great enthusiasm.Local fighter.

Awesome fighter maneuver in the evening in Miami.

Poirier surprises MMA world by defeating Saint-Denis in Miami

The mixed martial arts (MMA) community was filled with uncertainty when ‘The Diamond’ showdown was announced following his crushing loss to Justin Gaethje last July. However, those concerns were dispelled when Dustin Poirier stopped the former French counter-terrorism soldier in the second round of their tumultuous encounter in Miami that always had Donald Trump in his sights.

From the beginning of the fighting, Saint-Denis, 28, took over the octagon, throwing powerful kicks right from the start. Despite BDS expulsion efforts, poirier He demonstrated his skill by defending himself from a guillotine choke. Although the Frenchman remained calm and managed to free himself from the position, Poirier took the opportunity to take his opponent back.

Although Poirier managed to avoid a chokehold attempt, he did not escape unharmed, receiving two powerful blows before being thrown off the fence. However, Saint-Denis remained consistent and pressured Poirier with knees and elbows in a Thai clinch.

With only a minute and a half left in the round, Saint-Denis again attempted a takedown, but was met with another guillotine attempt, this time also defended by Poirier.

Until Poirier floored his opponent and closed the show with a big right hand that had everyone enthralled.

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