United Airlines reports fifth in-flight incident in a week after plane returned due to ‘maintenance issue’

(CNN) — In the airline’s fifth flight incident in seven days, a United Airlines flight was forced to return to Sydney just two hours after beginning a nearly 14-hour journey to San Francisco.

The Boeing 777-300 aircraft carrying 183 passengers and crew was diverted due to a “maintenance issue”, according to a statement from United Airlines.

“The aircraft landed safely and passengers disembarked normally at the boarding gate. “We provided the passengers with overnight accommodations and rebooked them to San Francisco,” the airline said.

Monday’s incident on United Flight 830 is the latest in a series of incidents affecting the US airline in recent days.

Last week, an engine that consumed bubble wrap caught fire mid-air, while another flight suffered a tire failure after takeoff on Thursday.

Last Friday, a United Airlines plane skidded off the runway and landed on a grassy patch and in another incident, a flight from San Francisco to Mexico City was diverted to Los Angeles after a problem with the plane’s hydraulic system Was, the airline said.

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is also under intense scrutiny after a series of quality and safety issues.

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