“Unprecedented disaster” sinking of a ship with fertilizer in the Red Sea

Fury. drowning in the red sea British ship Rubymarfull of thousands ton fertilizerRepresents “an unprecedented environmental disaster”, Yemen’s internationally recognized government condemned this Saturday.

“The sinking of the Rubymar is an unprecedented environmental disaster for Yemen and the region.” Yemeni Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak said on his X account, “This is a new tragedy for our country and our people.”

British-owned, Belizean-flagged Rubymar The attack took place on 19 February off the coast of the Arab country by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, causing the ship to partially sink and threatening to spill large quantities of toxins into the Red Sea.

The Yemeni government announced this on Saturday the ship sank completely The disaster was caused by weather conditions and high winds at sea, and the Executive attributed the disaster to the lack of response of the international community to help refloat the ship and evacuate its cargo.

Bin Mubarak condemned that Yemen “pays the price every day for the actions of the Houthi militia”, which since mid-November has been carrying out attacks against commercial shipping in the Red Sea in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, something that the Strategic Sea Route Caused serious disruption.

Iran-backed rebels have since attacked fifty ships, causing damage of varying severity, but the Rubymar is the first ship to be sunk as a result of the Houthi operation.

According to the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), Rubymar It was carrying more than 41,000 tonnes of fertilizer when it was attacked.While the Yemeni executive said it had a cargo of about 22,000 tons of highly toxic ammonium phosphate.

According to Yemeni officials, the ship’s crew were of Syrian nationality and its crew consisted of 24 people: 11 Syrians, six Egyptians, three Indians and four Filipinos, who were flown to Djibouti.

Yemeni waters of the Red Sea were on the verge of suffering another environmental disaster following the wreck of the FSO Safer ship, stranded off the coast of Yemen since 1988 and the operation of which had transferred more than 1.14 million barrels of oil, was successfully completed . Mid-August 2023.

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