US Indo-Pacific Command chief warns China will be ready to invade Taiwan in 2027

Head of Indo-Pacific Command, US Admiral John Aquilino (Reuters/Panu Wongcha-um)

Admiral, head of US Indo-Pacific Command John Aquilinosaid on Wednesday that he believes Chinese army will be ready to attack Taiwan by 2027 Thus, the goal that American military officials believe in the Chinese President is being accomplished. Xi Jinping Established to reunite Taiwan with the Chinese mainland by force if necessary.

Aquilino, who testified earlier House Armed Services Committee The Republican Party leadership said “all signs point towards” the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) achieving Xi’s stated goal of potentially invading Taiwan by 2027.

Since 2020, EPL has been added More than 400 fighter aircraft and 20 warships Importantly, doubling its ballistic and cruise missiles, according to Aquilino, who said China has increased its spending by more than 16% 223 billion US dollars.

Aquilino said the Chinese military has been emulating operations against Taiwan in recent years, including a maritime and air blockade.

However, Avril HainesThe director of national intelligence told the bipartisan House Intelligence Committee last year that “it is not our assessment that China wants to go to war.” Listen like this, Director of the Stimson Center, A. think tank Based in America, reported Guardian He did not believe that “military preparations” would prompt China to attack.

Xi reportedly told Joe Biden last year that he had not set any timetable for reuniting Taiwan with China nbcnewsCiting unnamed sources with knowledge of the discussions.

Foreign Minister of Taiwan, Joseph Wusaid last year Taiwan is “taking the Chinese military threat very seriously”He further said that he believes “2027 is the year we need to get serious about this.”

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rollins)

The situation around Taiwan worsened after the visit of the former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives last year Nancy Pelosi, After which a delegation from Taiwan visited Washington.

Relations broke down between China and the island of Taiwan, which it considers another province under its sovereignty. 1949After the forces of the Nationalist Party Kuomintang Suffered defeat in the civil war against the Communist Party and fled to the archipelago. Relations were reestablished only at the commercial and informal level in the late 1980s.

Wu warned this Wednesday about the presence of “huge” military bases of the Chinese regime In the surrounding area TaipingLargest island in the Spratlys southern sea

“China has established large military bases on the reefs around Taiping Island, such as Mischief, Subi and Fiery Cross Reefs. These conditions must be taken into account,” stressed Taiwan’s Foreign Minister in statements to the media.

From 1946Taiwan controls Taiping, also known as Taiping itu abaand established a garrison there Coast GuardA port, a landing strip and other civil infrastructure.

The largest island of the Spratly Islands was in the news again this week Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of Parliament The Taiwanese government, coordinated by opposition Kuomintang (KMT) lawmaker Ma Wen-chun, announced a visit Taiping For next May.

Opposition MLAs have appealed to the President Tsai Ing-Wen Following the example of former leaders, he will visit Taiping before ending his term on May 20 Chen Shui-bian and Ma Ying-jeou.

He Democratic Progressive Party (PDP) reaffirmed its commitment to Taiping sovereignty through a statement on Facebook, although noted that the timing is not right for Tsai to visit due to current geopolitical tensions.

When asked about this issue, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister reiterated this on Wednesday Taiping is under the sovereignty of taiwan And there is no doubt about it,” while admitting his “doubts” about the MPs’ visit.

“As disputes are increasing, taiwan “It should think about a peaceful solution to the South Sea problems instead of allowing others to think that it is causing difficulties,” Wu said.

(With information from EP and EFE)

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