Valorant: All on the levianette, the Leviathan team defeats Vitality 2-0 in VCT Lock-In

The Omega bracket has had several very intense confrontations where we have seen the participation of Latino teams giving their international debut, in the case of KRU Esport we saw him fall before Natus Vincere, on the other hand Leviathan I face Zeta Division during the first round where he was victorious and gave an air of life to all of LATAM to move on to the next stage.

Now in the second stage the sea dragon had to face Vitality on a Haven map that would have a lot of action being a fairly even match from the start with an attack by the European team who has on their side a Twisten that with a Jett makes the Latinos suffer to put a 5-7, in the change of sides we see a different response from Levianeta with a Shy who hits with precision on several occasions to give his squad a great advantage but the match would go until overtime where in a 2vs1 situation we see Kingg take out the clutch to grant them the victory with a score of 16-14.

For the second map we see a Pearl chosen by EMEA where we had seen some errors from LATAM but this selection is quite expensive for Europeans because tacolilla he would have a Jett in his hands that would have great precision with the Operator that would leave things 10-2 during the first half, for the second part of the map on the attacking side by the Latinos we saw how the aggressions were present to be able to punish rivals and being able to close the map quickly with a 13-3 score that places them in the next stage.

the squad of Leviathan gives hope to the region by continuing to show that it is one of the best-prepared teams in the tournament and one of the strongest in the Americas region, showing that together they are strong along with individual flashes of skill that create a pretty solid synergy Now they will have to face the team that sent the Latino pink squad home in order to advance to the grand final of the tournament.

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