Valorant debuts the new cinematic of its Chapter 6 with a preview of the new map, unpublished song and the first great appearance of Omen – Valorant

The fans of Valorant prepare for one of the most anticipated cycle changes in video game history. It’s time to start Chapter 6, a phase that will begin with the long-awaited new map of which we have been hearing leaks for months. Now we know that it is a reality, since it has been shown in the initial cinematic of the episode that is about to start. An even more spectacular video than the previews that the developer used to offer us, which comes accompanied by a new musical theme and the first appearance of Omen. Everything to put our long teeth in the face of next January 10, the date on which we will be able to enjoy the new episode on the game servers.

There’s such a huge amount of detail in this first video that it’s hard to pick it all up at first glance. On one hand we have Fade discovering the location of the new map, which appears to be set in India. also appears sagebattling alone until the arrival of Omen. killjoy, race Y Jett they are on their own until they get the call from the group. Finally, everything converges in India (hence why we think this is the location of the new map) with a confrontation between all the mentioned agents, Astra Y Harbor. Epic ending in which the name of the Chapter 6: “Revelation”.

The declaration of intent Riot Games seems obvious. It is not only that they have taken the opportunity to sneak in a gigantic teaser of the playable news that is close to coming to the game, but also a very important advance for a plot that is finally close to giving us an answer. It is something that, yes, we must continue to wait for a while. As usual, developers want them to be the experts on ‘lore’ those who have to connect the dots and formulate their theories about the video game. Although many of us approach Valorant only because of his virtues as a ‘tactical shooter’there is a whole community interested in the story.

Fade Valorant Map

Fade steals information about the mission (and the new map) from him in a disco in Istanbul

We are waiting for the long-awaited arrival January 10 and we can enjoy all the news of the video game. Something must be given to Riot Games, which in this facet has undoubtedly become “the new blizzard”, every time you release a video of your games it is inevitable not to be tempted to spend tens of hours on it in the coming weeks.

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