Valorant: For things like this, Gekko should be nerfed

He has been in Valorant for a few days and Gekko can become a problem to solve for Riot Games. From day one, and thanks to a special skill kit, the initiator has become a very strong agent and is causing a sensation in ranked queues, especially in high rating.

That is why, seeing how it is working on the server and some interactions that are being discovered in these two patches that we have with Gekko, especially when it comes to planting and deactivating spikes, even when dead if his ability is channeled, so this agent will be nerfed soon without any doubt

What should Gekko nerf in Valorant?

first of all, are the CD seconds between activating an ability between rounds. Once you pick up both Wingman and Dizzy or Trash, the waiting time is very low. Perhaps, what they could do is like with other Valorant abilities that recharge if you add two kills or add between 5-10 seconds of their use.

Another thing they will study, sure, is that Wingman is still alive once Gekko is dead (as long as you are not the last player standing). This creates some interesting chaos, in two-for-two situations, where Gekko dies, but Wingman can still defuse if he’s channeled and is already looking for the explosive to defuse it, or have him only remove half a bomb, so he’ll lose a great impact and it will stop being so strong.

Seeing the short evolution of Gekko in Valorant, the truth It is that he is an agent who is quite strong and that you have to keep in mind during the next few days to use it. If you are self-sufficient and have a good reading of the map, you can fully exploit the character’s qualities and her abilities to raise her elo.

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