VALORANT LOCK//IN Capsule: Exclusive Mercy Knives, Date & More

Published: 2023-02-01T19:27:04

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Riot Games has announced a new skin pack for the inaugural tournament of the VALORANT Champions Tour that will be released via LOCK//IN capsules for a limited time.

The competitive of VALORANT is in full swing and to celebrate it, Riot Games wanted to release a cosmetic set for the next VCT tournament to be held in Brazil on February 13. The package LOCK//IN will come with knives, cards and a graffiti.

So that you can get them without any problem, we bring you how you can get it and how to support our favorite VALORANT teams within the LOCK//IN tournament.

The article continues after the announcement.

When will the VALORANT LOCK//IN capsules be available?

VCT graffiti lock in valorant capsuleRiot Games

Between on February 8 and March 750% of all the benefits of the collection will be distributed among all the associated teams of the VCT.

Likewise, these cosmetics will be exclusive to the capsules and we will not be able to find each other in the store or in the Night Market. It will only appear on the package.

So are the knives of Mercy of VALORANT

Riot Games

VALORANT knives will be exclusive to capsules

Inside the LOCK//IN capsule we can find the skin of the Mercy knife. In addition, the pack will include four variants of the melee weapon that will represent each international league of the VCT.

The color legend is as follows:

  • Green: VCT America
  • Blue: VCT Pacific
  • Purple: VCT EMEA
  • Red: VALORANT Champions Tour

Likewise, the cards will follow the same chromatic line to be able to stick out our chests and support our favorite region.

The article continues after the announcement.

VCT23 LOCKINRiot Games

The cards will represent different regions

How much will the VALORANT LOCK IN pack cost?

At the time of writing this news the price of the capsule has not been disclosed. However, previous pod prices of this style have been around $60.

Likewise, the teams that are franchisees of Riot Games will receive 50% of the income from the sales of the capsules. This method is not new since Riot Games in the past already distributed 50% of the benefits of the package with the rest of the classified teams.

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