VALORANT Lock//In – Results


All the results and crosses of the first international VALORANT tournament in this 2023.

VALORANT Lock//In - Results
VALORANT Lock//In – Results

He VALORANT Lock//In will be the tournament that begins the competitive season of franchises in the shooter from Riot Games. The 30 franchises of the main regions of the world (Americas/Asia-Pacific/EMEA) will face off against two guest organizations from China in a single-elimination bracket tournament.

In VALORANT Lock//In there will be no second chance, and only the team that wins all their series will become the champion. All the series will be the best of three maps, with the exception of the finals of each table and the grand final, which will be played as the best of five. The winner of the Grand Final will be the team that keeps the VALORANT Lock//In.

The VALORANT Lock//In will take place in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, from February 13 to March 4 and below we show you the separate matches in the Top Draw and Bottom Draw.


Round of 16 (February 13-15)
• TO:
KOI 0-2 NRG (11-13; 9-13)
•B: Detonation FocusMe 0-2 Giants (4-13; 7-13)
• C: Gen.G Esports 0-2LOUDS (9-13; 12-14)
• D: FunPlus Phoenix 1-2 Karmine Corp. (6-13; 13-8; 6-13)
• E: BBL Esports 1-2 XRD (3-13; 13-11; 7-13)
• F:Cloud9 2-0 Paper Rex (13-8; 13-4)
• G:Evil Geniuses 2-0 Team Heretics (13-8; 13-8)
• H: MiBr 0-2 Talon Esports (8-13; 11-13)

Quarterfinals (February 17-18)
• YO: NRG vs. Giants
• J: LOUD vs. Karmine Corp.
•K: XDR vs. Cloud9
• L: Evil Geniuses vs Talon Esports

Semifinals (February 19)
• M:
Winner I vs Winner J
• N: Winner K vs Winner L

Finale (March 2)
Winner M vs Winner N


Round of 16 (February 22-24)
• TO:
Team Liquid vs. Team Secret
•B: KRÜ Esports vs Natus Vincere
• C: ZETA DIVISION vs Leviathan
• D: Team Vitality vs. Global Esports
• E: FUT Esports vs Rex Regum Qeon
• F: 100Thieves vs EDward Gaming
•G: Sentinels vs. Fnatic
• H: T1 vs FURIA Esports

Quarterfinals (February 25-27)
• YO:
Winner A vs Winner B
• J: Winner C vs Winner D
•K: Winner E vs Winner F
• L: Winner G vs Winner H

Semifinals (February 28)
• M:
Winner I vs Winner J
• N: Winner K vs Winner L

Finale (March 3)
• EITHER: Winner M vs Winner N

• Winner Upper Draw vs Winner Lower Draw

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