Valorant Mobile, getting closer according to the latest leaks

Valorant Mobile is closer than ever. Since the first information came out, the shooter Riot Games tactician has been working on this product, and it is not surprising that they have placed more emphasis on this after learning that Valorant would fully enter China in 2023, which will generate a new wave of players, and therefore money with the sale of skin pack or battle pass.

In the last hours we have known more information about this. One of the references in terms of Valorant information, ValorLeaks, has published the following on his Twitter account: “Added tons of VALORANT mobile files in the latest PBE patch, which should be implemented with 6.06. It is expected that there a beta version of Valorant Mobile in the coming months“. In addition to this information, it was also leaked that there are files talking about the control of the recoil in the walkthrough.

Everything we know to date about Valorant Mobile

From what we have been able to learn over these months, this process has not gone as fast as expected and from Riot itself the following has been commented: “We continue with the work of bringing Valorant to other platforms. It is slower than we would like and it is slower than you would like, but we want to do it well.”

In addition, various leaked gameplays of what a mobile game of this type would be like have been shown. shooter Riot Games tactic in which not all the agents that were available up to now appeared, so we will have the question of whether they will integrate all these characters first when they launch this title.

Detailing these videos more, several buttons appear, such as purchaseto have weapons, as well as the abilities to have them available and use them, the one to aim, shoot and even crouch, so it all seems pretty well integrated to make the user experience the best possible and avoid being ‘intrusive’ ‘ having so many arrows and icons on the screen of your mobile.

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